How to Survive the Two Week Wait
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How to Survive the Two Week Wait


My husband and I have been officially trying to conceive for 8 months now, and every time those two weeks come into my life I become a hot mess. Anyone trying to conceive knows that the two week wait is an extremely anxious time full of worrying, hope and a ton of emotions. It truly can be unbearable.

I had to figure out how to survive without loosing myself during this time and getting depressed every time my period arrives.


Pamper yourself

This is the moment we look out for ourselves. Whether you are already a mom or trying for your first baby like me, I decided that I was going to turn the 2 week wait time into “Me time”.

  • Watch the movies you like
  • Make spa days at home for yourself
  • Get a mani and a pedi
  • Go out for a walk and enjoy nature
  • Do some painting or coloring
  • Read a book
  • Organize your closet
  • Meditate
  • Cook your favorite meals

Pretty much anything that makes you happy, there are many things to do for yourself during these 2 weeks. Find little moments of joy throughout the day and also let your partner pamper you as well.

spa day pampering
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Forget about it

I know, I know, it is sooo easy to say it, and believe me I hate when my husband tells me to “forget about it”, as if there was a switch for me to just turn on and off.

It just doesn’t work like that! But one must try, for our own sake, to not think about it every moment of every day.


Avoid coffee and Alcohol

Just because we are trying to pretend that nothing is going on, even though we are dreaming with those 2 lines on the stick, it doesn’t mean we can drink coffee or alcohol. I can survive without alcohol even if sometimes I crave a margarita or a flirty cocktail, but coffee?? Coffee was the first thing in the morning for me.

Try decaf and stick to only one cup a day! I knooow, I miss my coffee too, but if you think about it, just having one cup of coffee a day makes you enjoy It even more. Drinking a cup of coffee can be one of your pampering joyful moments of the day. And if you want that delicious Grande Iced White Chocolate Mocha with Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam… just remember that all those popular coffee shops can make it decaf.


Eat healthy… but enjoy your food!

I am a foodie! And yes, I know I have to eat healthy so I up my chances to get pregnant, but that doesn’t mean food has to be bland! This is the moment to experiment in the kitchen and cook delicious healthy meals that make you happy while eating your greens.

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Write down everything

Whether you think it’s a pregnancy or premenstrual symptom, write it down on the day it happens. it doesn’t matter what it is, the important part is to track everything down. Sometimes the symptoms are premenstrual so let’s try not to read too much into everything we feel. We get our hopes up so easily by over analyzing everything.


One word of advice

Don’t watch videos about “symptoms of early pregnancy” or “two week wait symptoms day by day”. In all honesty it has only made it more depressing for me when I get my period. Watching videos and reading about it will make you go crazy!! Believe me, I’ve been down that road and I become certain that, this time, I am pregnant. I have even taken a pregnancy test after getting my period because “maybe it could be implantation bleeding”.


I know that following these steps will help you feel more at peace during the two week wait. You will thrive and feel more and more like the best version of yourself.

I do wish you the best and hope we can finally see those two beautiful clear lines on a pregnancy test! Good luck girls!


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